Tuesday, 14 July 2009


A bit of a struggle with JB again today but easy to remind ourselves its still only mid July and having taken that into account it turned out to be not just a pleasant day weather-wise but bird/butterfly wise too.

Even Conder Green took on the feel of the time of year with just the Spotted Redshank obliging on Conder Pool and at least 11 Common Sandpiper in the creek's. On the canal basin at Glasson Dock the Mute Swan's appear to have 'lost' one of their young as they only had six in attendance today from the initial seven in May, a pair of Great - crested Grebe have a single young on here. On the estuary c.550 Redshank and c.250 Lapwing were of note and at least 150 Greylag were difficult to count on Colloway Marsh. On Jeremy Lane a single Grey Partridge was in the field by the sub-station, and at Cockersands I was only able to note 50 Eider off Plover Scar, butterflies were a Painted Lady, and 9 Small Tortoiseshell which were exceptional by recent standards.

At Pilling Lane Ends a count of at least 12 Gatekeeper is an all time personal record for this species in the space of ten minutes. At Fluke Hall a Whitethroat with grubs in its bill is feeding young somewhere close by, another 2 Gatekeeper and a Painted Lady seen. And Knott End an adult Mediterranean Gull off the esplanade early afternoon was apparently joined by a juvenile by 3.45 according to the excellent RBA pager service.

A couple of my own attempts at photography on this post with Black - headed Gull's at rest at Knott End and four Gatekeeper - even though they all have wings closed - on one food plant, not an everyday me anyhow.


Colin Bushell said...

Morning Pete,

I've been away the past week or so and just caught up with the local Lancs stuff via your blog. Some stunning Hobby photos there (well done Brian).
Soon be autumn ......


Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks for this Colin.

Yes BR can be well pleased about his Hobby images. I wouldn't want to stand accused of 'going on' about these photographs but I must repeat they are both unique and excellent in that they were taken at LM. Soon be autumn as you say and the Common Sandpiper at Conder Green - as ever - think its here already with my max count to date being 16 on Monday 16 July.

Good Birding Colin


Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. It's good the butterflies seem to be having a much better year. Thanks again to you and Colin re Hobby pics comments. Very much appreciated.