Thursday, 23 July 2009

Owt about!

Having had enough of the weather yesterday I turned shy of risking the same experience again today - and in any case I was already in the North of the area - so where did I decide to go......Leighton Moss where at least I would have a roof over my head, but needn't have bothered as it turned into quite a nice day.
From the Public Hide I saw at least four of the Marsh Harriers which were all juveniles save an adult, stunning creatures which we should be pleased we have on our doorstep. Other raptors were 2 Buzzard, and a Sparrowhawk flew across the mere, a Greenshank was on the island, also flying across the mere were 3 Little Egret which brought about thoughts that just a few years ago my mobile would have been set on fire with calls about these three birds at Leighton Moss, how things change......Oh and by the way I saw three Little Egret too. Its also worth a mention that just a few minutes after I saw most if not all of these birds and wrote them in my notes, a man got up from his seat in the hide and as he walked past me said (in humour I assume but sounded sarcastic) quote....'the excitement is becoming too much for me here'.... unquote. I'm quite convinced this person saw none of the five species I've just recorded here nor some of the other species I've not noted in this unfortunate for him. A brief visit to the Jackson Hide produced 6 Little Egret lingering over the Griesdale Hide which was closed for reed cutting, unfortunate as I think this is one of the best hides on the reserve and almost certainly holds a Green Sandpiper I was denied finding because of the closure.
At the Eric M'cbe Hide I saw another 2 Little Egret (so did I see eleven here today?) 2 Little Gull, 8 Greenshank, and an estimated 600 Black - tailed Godwit. The only butterflies seen today at LM were a Comma in the car park, and a Red Admiral from the path to the Eric M'cbe Hide.

Just a little 'fun pic' today called 'Find the Spotty', not really difficult at rest on Conder Pool recently.

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Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. Nice to see you had a good day at Leighton Moss, with plenty of variety in birds seen and good weather also.
The Marsh Harriers are performing wonderfully at the moment with their flying displays and are a treat to watch. Hope to catch up with you sometime.