Sunday, 12 July 2009

Hobby......Second Helping!

Some more of BR's superb pic's of the Hobby he encountered at Leighton Moss recently and which will go towards keeping the blog 'ticking over' until I get out again hopefully tomorrow.

I think Brian Rafferty has got to grips by now with how fortunate he was to achieve not only excellent views of this magnificent creature but also excellent images which I would chance my arm and claim are probably unique in that they were taken at Leighton Moss and which he has kindly shared with us all and given me permission to copy on to this blog hopefully that they will be shared with an even bigger audience......thanks a bundle Brian.

Just one or two records for today. Whilst in the area I did a calorie burning exercise and walked along the sea wall from Fluke Hall to Cockers Dyke to be rewarded by two superb adult summer plumage Mediterranean Gull's having seen a Whitethroat on the way, also a Little Egret flew East and dropped on to Pilling Marsh. Earlier I had made a brief visit - never a good idea brief visits and not recommended - to Conder Green and found the two Spotted Redshank on Conder Pool which by now are well past their best regarding their 'black' summer plumage, and eight Common Sandpiper without even trying at all.


Mistlethrush said...

Excellent hobby photos.

I recall cycling along Conder Green and saw little egrets roosting in a tree along with grey herons.

Is it a good place for large flocks of winter waders?

Brian Rafferty said...

Thanks again Pete for yet more "hobby exposure". I was indeed very lucky to get these shots. But you know me!! -- never satisfied!! and I will be back for more as I feel the hobby may be in the L/Moss area for some time.
Don't think I will recognise you next time we meet, all this calorie burning excercise, you are going to be a shadow of you former self.!! Thanks again Pete.

Pete Woodruff said...

Certainly is good for winter waders Carol, will be in touch about this. Will also be in touch Brian.

Thanks to both for comments, please keep looking in.

JRandSue said...

Lovely to see again, great flight shots.
Well done.