Sunday, 19 July 2009

Heres Hoping.

I hope to get out tomorrow to check out the two H's, Harrisend and Hawthornthwaite though with regard to the latter I expect to see no Stonechat's from the Scorton Road access track. Despite four visits here already this year I found just one female on 16 March, so any found on my next visit will be something of a revelation. The Marshaw access track to Hawthornthwaite will be a different story hopefully as I found five birds on my last visit here on 8 June including three juveniles.

Meanwhile three more pic's from three more of my suppliers of photographic excellence to my blog. My sincere thanks go to anyone who gives me permission to use their pic's, and in the case of these three photographs, in my opinion there can be no way any of them can be improved upon and in my book can only be referred to as 'stunning'.

The Willow Warbler is credited to David Cookson and in photographic terms is sharp enough to cut your finger on. Excellent David and thanks very much.

The Golden Plover is credited to Peter Guy and is the ultimate shot of this or any other bird. Thanks Peter and for all the images you sent me recently.

The stunning male Stonechat is credited to Colin Bushell. Any photograph of a Stonechat is good enough for me and this one is much better than good enough. Thanks Colin.

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