Sunday, 13 September 2009

Four Shillings!

My old grandma used to say....'a change is as good as a rest' as a diversion from birds - just for now - what better could we do than take a look at four of Richard Shillings 'Landart' creations.
The top creation is titled 'Scarlet Oak Ball On Leaves' and at some point during its making Richard was asked by a passer by what the inside was filled with 'was it polystyrene'......No I only use natural materials which I gather beforehand or during my work, adding that the whole thing is stitched together using thorns......WOW says me! Beneath is 'Maple Vein Squares' using Maple and Black Poplar leaves, and in an introduction to this work of art Richard comments at the end that as he does the write up he looks out of the window to see a beautiful Sparrowhawk in his you see there is a 'bird' connection to the post after all.
On the left is Richards 'Cherry Leaf Curtain' and I just don't know how long some of these artworks take to complete but but one thing for sure its not in a matter of minutes. And on the right is 'Leaf Lightning' using an array of Maple leaf colours.

This man impresses me no end and I have great admiration for his ingenious creations. His website can be linked in the left hand column of this blog and you could do a lot worse than take a look at it for a few minutes at least to get a better idea of how good and inventive this guy really is.

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