Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Well that's more like it!

On Clougha/Birk Bank today - with no time to search my records - for the first time in something like 5 years I had the distinct feeling the Stonechat was everywhere......Well that's more like it!......and in fact in the 5 hours on here I found 23 birds which represents the highest count here since finding 24 on 20 August 2007. So obviously some success's in last breeding attempts in 2009, but take it from me any success's earlier in the season were minimal - if any at all in most cases - and I'm not just talking this area either as many of the upland areas I observe have suffered the same fate due to yet another appalling summer in terms of weather, and in one case - Hawthornthwaite - I threw in the towel here having found just one bird this year on my visit of 16 March and none at all on subsequent visits.

Well you don't create a New Year style list on upland birding and today I collected just seven species with 9 off passage Wheatear, at least 31 Red Grouse, a Dunnock - which I reckon is my first on here - 7 Wren, and a kestrel, just 7 Meadow Pipit were seen today and a non birding person I often see up here made a comment to me that he had noted low numbers this year to which I readily agreed was the case in general based on my experience's of this bird this summer though I'm sure the 15 September on Clougha wouldn't be the ideal time/place to pass judgement on this issue. Butterflies noted were a miserable 3 Painted Lady and 2 Small Tortoiseshell.

And if you're not already bored by all the above then try this......Not for the first time the pic above is absolutely nothing concerning this post but is a pleasant image taken at Knott End by Phil Slade, the purpose being that at least it will make him happy to see it on Birds2blog if it doesn't you......Thanks Phil.


Colin Bushell said...

Made me happy ......

Be really interesting to see how chats have done this year Pete. Surely Whinchats have had a better year this year, or did I just find more than I expected this summer on the moors in Lancs?


Pete Woodruff said...

No confidence in the success of the Stonechat this year Colin but a lot more confident in the Whinchat. This of course is purely based on personal experiences on both counts.

Hope you recognise the 'new' pic in my're in trouble if you don't!

Thanks for comments Colin.

Colin Bushell said...

Oh yes, "stonking" Tower Lodge Stonechat and Woodchat making haste for refuge never to be seen again. Happy days ...... ;-)


Warren Baker said...

Hi again,
Ive linked you on my blog list and will visit you, I like your style of birding - similar to mine,
Drop me a message letting me know about your area/patch - where is it ?