Friday, 11 September 2009

Two Options!

There was two options for today's post both of which are appropriate......'Faith Restored' and 'The Good, The Bad, and The (not quite) Ugly'.

The good weather continues as forecast and I was well overdue a visit to Newby Moor having only been there twice this year all down to the appalling summer we've had. Well the 'Faith Restored' and 'The Good' came into being here today when I found another Whinchat. OK that's just another Whinchat but these sightings definitely restore my faith in the species to some small degree - and I certainly haven't forgotten the Cross of Greet area this breeding season either - and there was more to come today but first other notes here were, 2 Stonechat which unfortunately brings in 'The Bad' as this isn't good news from the location where ten years ago in 1999 I had begun to realise the Stonechat was putting in more appearances and was the beginning of the upturn in the status of the species in and out of the LDBWS recording area, but enough of this as I intend to do an article on 'Ten Years of the Stonechat' when I get round to it. I found c.70 'finches' feeding on thistle heads which turned out to be approximately 50 Linnet and 20 Goldfinch, a 'few' Meadow Pipit were noted including 15 resting up on the wires. I noted just two Painted Lady, a single Small Tortoiseshell, and a Stoat.
Barbondale looking SW from the Bull Pot track.

When Barbondale is seen from this angle you realise that it's just a narrow strip of ancient woodland which broadens out towards the far end, but plays host to a good healthy number of bird species in the summer months. Where the woodland becomes dense in the distance this is the plantation which - by comparison - is both very unattractive and unproductive. The visit here today was all the worth while when I found two more 1st winter Whinchat, 9 Stonechat, at least 14 Meadow Pipit, 2 Reed Bunting, a Dipper, Buzzard and a Kestrel. At one point c.250 'corvids' went up into the air on the fell-side and were eventually found to be predominantly Rook with 'some' Carrion Crow and Jackdaw.


Richard Shilling said...

Keep up the good work Pete, I read every post without fail (and there aren't very many blogs I do that with) and they all brighten my day to the point where I feel a little lost when you and your blog go missing for a couple of days. I am sure you get more views than comments (just like I do) but I can vouch for us "non-commenters" and say that we read your posts with great interest and indeed look forward to them. Cheers Rich

Pete Woodruff said...

Some much appreciated comments here Rich. I reckon I get hundreds of 'hits' but its not in my make up to make such comments in public......but just this once.

Great to hear from you again Rich and fear not (as if you would) I'm pretty well up to date with your comings,goings, and what you're up to in your world of 'Art' (publicly that is).

My Regards