Friday, 25 September 2009

British Telecom?

With BT today you sometimes don't get very far and don't cover much ground with BT but its always good to be in the company of someone who generally knows what he's talking about when it comes to our wildlife and certainly helps me along the way to learning......I'm always up for learning. Today we got no further than Foulshaw Moss, OK this place like anywhere else has its qualities and on arriving here I immediately found 4 Stonechat before getting out of the car which I hoped had set us up for an interesting visit with more to come, but despite the lengthy time spent here these were the only ones seen. There was a good number of Black Darter showing despite the 'back end' weather, also the odd Common Darter seen too. One of those interesting mixed flocks at this time of the year was observed but unfortunately hadn't attracted a YBW to them but Willow Warbler, Long - tailed Tit, Blue Tit, and Chaffinch were all there, a Grey Wagtail was unringed I noted, a Reed Bunting, Great - spotted Woodpecker, and 3 Buzzard all went into the book.
Common Lizard at Foulshaw Moss.
On our way to Foulshaw Moss we called at High Foulshaw and found a frustrating distant mixed flock, the ones of which we could ID - but couldn't number - were, Goldfinch, Linnet, Reed Bunting, Meadow Pipit, and at least one almost certain Redpoll, an estimated good number of 100+ Swallows were hawking insects attracted to a field of cattle.

Common Darter on the boardwalk at Foulshaw Moss.

I really should apologise for the photographic quality of today's pic's. I did try my best but being the first to criticise anyone else's photographs these can only at best be described as moderate.

Editing the post to add news of 500 - 600 Clouded Yellow (being a reasonable estimate) at Birling Gap in Sussex yesterday.


Richard Shilling said...

Have to add my jay sightings. Two yesterday - one in Roeburndale and another in Williamson Park. Not particularly remarkable but interesting as I haven't seen one for at least a year and then you and someone else mention sightings on the same day. I had the same thing with the meadow pipits. When you mentioned there were none (or very few on the moors) and that day I saw 50+ in one field next to Burrow Hill opposite the uni. But my most exciting encounter this week was an owl within three feet. I was ascending steep steps out of Roeburndale up to the road and it spooked right in front of me and flew away. I only saw its wings and back (it was quite light coloured and a wingspan of 18" - a little owl?) If so it is an exciting first for me.

Greenie said...

Pete ,
The 500+ Clouded Yellows reported in two fields at Birling Gap , were reported on Butterfly Conservation Sussex Branch , click on 'recent sightings'.
Cheers .

Warren Baker said...

500 Clouded yellows seems unimaginable! Quite something to see though.

PS I like the Lizard photo.

Pete Woodruff said...

Richard your Jay, Meadow Pipit, and Little Owl records are much appreciated as are your comments.

The Jay sightings (yours, mine, and Phil's) are interesting, and note I've called your 'owl' a Little Owl, and the MP's opposite the university would be birds 'on the move'. I've avoided any other scientific details as I appreciate they can become rather boring to the average person and you will be quite satisfied by my reply......thanks again Rich.

Also thanks to 'Greenie' and Warren for - what to a Northerner -is a superb record, but I may be overreacting here and shall look up just how 'super' this really is at the end of September in the South of England for the Clouded Yellow of which in our part of the country/recording area I've seen no more than a 'couple' of records this year.

Thanks again guy's I really appreciate your feedback.