Sunday, 20 September 2009

Some pic's......

......and some WeBS counting today the bonus's of which were a juvenile Peregrine Falcon over Glasson Marsh from Bodie Hill which went away empty handed and obviously a bit to learn about hunting for survival. At Pilling Marsh 3 Wheatear and a Little Egret which will be something of a guarantee here for several months now I would suggest.
A nice little trio of Sanderling thanks to Phil Slade. I'd hazard a guess at being taken at Rossall Point though I did forget to note where on Phil's blog.

A juvenile Curlew Sandpiper at Cockers Dyke thanks to Chris Batty. Always worth an invasion here into Fylde territory with Med Gull's regular and lately Little Stint and Green Sandpiper of particular note, and I'll give RBA pager service a 'plug' here because all these sightings are always reported by them and 'pronto' at that.
And a Savannah Sparrow thanks to my contact Paul Baker from over the pond......thanks Paul. I could well be out of date on this one but my claim - until I'm challenged otherwise - is that only two records exist in Britain (and Europe) the first of which was a male at Portland Bill in Dorset on 11-16 April 1982, and the second was found at the opposite end of the country and in a different season, a 1st winter bird was on Fair Isle, Shetland on 30 September and 1 October 1987. A very interesting species 'split' here......perhaps another time!


Warren Baker said...

Peregrine and Wheatears, much the same on my patch pete. ;-)

Pete Woodruff said...

That's two night in a row you've been at your computer at the same time as me Warren. Time to find something better to do!

Pete Marsh said...

The Portland bird was actually an Ipswich Sparrow from Sable Island, a form of Savannah Sparrow. A very nice bird to see, or is that showing my age?!

Pete Woodruff said...

Spot on there Pete, and nobody has the need to avoid showing age than me.

Note the post ends 'A very interesting species split here......perhaps another time'.

There will be some unavoidable gaps (five days I hate to say) in my birding next week which I'll help to fill on the blog with some more 'bits' of interest about this bird.