Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Simply the best......

......Tina Turner, well no not this time. In fact its a Brian Rafferty image of a male Sparrowhawk and in my opinion this is simply the best photograph anyone could ever wish to achieve of this stunning hawk......Thanks BR keep 'em cumin.

Well this post is just an exercise to keep the blog from freezing up until I can get back to the real world and birding, and so for my next trick what about this 'unusual' Pied Wagtail courtesy of Warren Baker.
And finally......I had an hour to 'kill' in Morecambe this afternoon and if you're going to find yourself in situations like this and want to be called a 'birder' then you really have to be sure you always have your bino's with you. So I wandered down the Stone Jetty and pleased myself with a Rock Pipit - something of a rarity in the recording area - a Wheatear, 2 Bar - tailed Godwit, about 8 Turnstone - I'm sure there were more - and c.10 Eider and I'm sure there were more of those too. One hours birding since last Friday......Oh dear!


Warren Baker said...

That sparrowhawk is stunning Pete, looks like it had just had a cut and blow dry!

One hours birding since friday.....ahhhhhhhhhhgggg! I couldn't survive on that!

PS sorry about the poor Pied Wag pic. It was a long way orf. :-(

Pete Woodruff said...

Never seen one better Warren.

No worries about the PW pic just thanks for letting me use them.

Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. You have got me blushing again !! Yes this was a wonderful bird to see in one's own back garden and it stayed there whilst I got the camera !! This was Feb 08 and I haven't seen him since!!!

Thanks for showcasing this image.

Pete Woodruff said...

I don't believe the 'blushing' one Brian, no need anyhow as the only poor pic's on this blog are/will be mine and excellent photography is excellent photography......simple as that.

Thanks for looking in.