Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Oh no....not Waxwings again!

This link shows us an interesting table of the movements of Waxwings ringed in the Northern Isles....It's all over in the Northern Isles 

Meanwhile, I've been sidelined once again from my birding life by 'other things', something I expect will take over me for probably three weeks now until we get rid of this Christmas/New Year holiday....roll on Easter. That said, tomorrow and/or Friday are looking good as I write, but I know more than one person who may well want me to dispel that idea.

So we'd better take a look at four more excellent photographs like....

Blue Tit. Gary Jones

This brilliant image of the Blue Tit, and....

Goldfinch. Gary Jones  

The Goldfinch from Gary who's website I recommend if you'd like to see some stunning and dramatic photography of a day he spent recently on the mountains of the Lake District, a must see....please go there from the links below his photographs.

Twite. Ken Hindmarch.

A nice picture of the equally nice Twite....Thanks for this Ken, much appreciated.

Purple Sandpiper. Brian Rafferty

And the excellent image of one of only four Purple Sandpipers inside or outside our area that I'm aware of at the moment, 'rare' in our area with three birds in 2009, and 'scarce' in Lancashire with just four birds in 2009 which included the three in our recording area at Heysham. These four birds are drifters from the estimated 17,500 Purple Sandpipers that winter in Britain which are overwhelmingly to be found in the Northern Isles, Outer Hebrides, eastern Scotland, and north-east England.

Thanks again collectively to GJ/KH/BR for these excellent photographs.


Tim said...

Waxwnings. Is that subspecies Pete? lol

Pete Woodruff said...

Ahhhh....well spotted Tim but no prizes I'm afraid. Good to hear from you though.

Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. Like you I will be glad when the " festivities " are over and we can return to normality again.

Hope you and yours enjoy yourselves and maybe you will manage to get out before Christmas to do some birding.

Meantime HAPPY CHRISTMAS and hopefully we can meet up in 2011 !!

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks for this Brian.

There's no possibility that we won't be meeting up in 2011 and look forward to that.