Thursday, 30 December 2010

River And Marsh....

....and the old railway line, all excellent habitats for the birds. Today was - as always - enjoyable but routine stuff with a couple of excellent pics to add some nice colour to the post.

Blue Tit. Brian Rafferty 

I decided on the walk from Lancaster to Conder Green via St Georges Quay, Aldcliffe Marsh, and the coastal path which follows the old railway line to Glasson Dock, in the hope something 'unexpected' would be lurking along the way....dream on. Well birding isn't all about finding 'something lurking' and I noted the following birds.

Along the River Lune to Marsh Point I saw just 2 Goldeneye and 8 Goosanders. Freeman's Pools are still frozen and abandoned so I kept to the embankment along Aldcliffe Marsh where 12 Barnacle Geese are still with c.380 Canada Geese, I could count around 370 Greylag around the wildfowlers pool though there were more out of sight and inaccessable. I'd checked several hundred 'gulls' to Marsh Point again today to no avail.

Along the track to Conder Green from Aldcliffe, at least 27 Blackbirds was a much reduced count of 90 on December 17, 6 Long-tailed Tit, 2 Song Thrush, 6 Goldfinch, 3 Great Tit, 2 Wren, 3 Robin, singles of Mistle Thrush, Blue Tit, and a Kestrel. I didn't get to grips with a flock of c.25 'finches' but mainly Goldfinch with Chaffinch. I had little time for Conder Green but did achieve confirmation that the Common Sandpiper survives and is still living here, 7 Little Grebe also seen.  

And finally....

Iceland Gull. Colin Bushell

Another excellent image with a reflection of the juvenile Iceland Gull which has taken a liking to - and stayed at - the docks at Preston. Thanks for the pics BR/CB. Sharing them and going round the world on your blogs and mine....Great stuff!

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