Monday, 27 December 2010

Sneaking off again!

Another sneak to 'the office' again this evening - I think the family visits may be coming to an end today - and hopefully another sneak off to get some birding in tomorrow though no bets or guarantees on that one I'm afraid. 

So another opportunity to post a couple - three actually - more excellent photographs, this time from BR who has recently had a close encounter and excellent views of this stunning Fox which gave him the chance to achieve some equally stunning and excellent pictures of the creature.

Fox. Credit as above.

Wildlife is out there for us all to find and see, all we have to do is get out there and search and if results like these don't inspire us to do so probably nothing will. Many thanks for allowing me to share these photographs on Birds2blog, much appreciated Brian.

OK its supposed to be a birding blog so....

Marsh Tit. Gary Jones
Sorry to keep on being so repetitive but, another excellent photograph, this of the Marsh Tit which appears to have bitten off more than it can chew but I'm sure it dealt with the problem eventually. And here's another repeat....please take a look at BR and GJ's website as there are always some good pictures and reading to be had on both I can assure you.

Like I said at the top of the page, hopefully in with a chance of some birding tomorrow in which case the blog will resemble more of a birding blog that it has done of late....I'll probably regret all I just said.


Warren Baker said...

Can you still remember where your bins are Pete :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

Good question, and unfortunately didn't get inspired to look for them today as the weather sounded pretty much like it was with you, though you got out in it, I didn't....I thinks it's called separating the men from the mice Warren and good unyer!

Phil said...

I sympathise Peter, the sooner its over the better - then it's the New Year festivities. I'd sooner be birding.

Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. Things can only get better!! Really miserable today and maybe for the rest of the year. We are all looking forward to 2011.

Thanks for showing my foxy friend. I haven't recovered yet from the experience !!!

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks for the sympathy Phil, I need it. I'd sooner be birding too!

An excellent experience for you Brian. I'll be in touch.