Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Can't bird from a car!

Well you can't bird from a car but in fact I found some decent birds today from one. But first, here's a little beauty from Egypt....

Greater Sand Plover. Phil Slade

A smart little wader photographed by PS who thought he'd go there to help rid the country of its leader but found he wasn't required so had a holiday instead. 

Conder Green remains quiet but 2 Spotted Redshank, and 4 Little Grebe were in the channel and 5 Goldeneye on Conder Pool, a Kingfisher was a pleasant surprise flying off down the channel which has produced the Common Sandpiper recently. The first Kingfisher since 'the big freeze' and makes you wonder how these birds cope and survive in such conditions, remembering they have the need to fish in still - or at least quiet running - clear waters....amazing!

The Lune Estuary at Glasson Dock offered nothing to add to yesterdays birds save a larger number of 'gulls' amongst which I found a smart adult Mediterranean Gull. On Jeremy Lane 3 Whooper Swans were with c.24 Mute Swans. From here the rest of my birding for today was indeed done from a car and seeing a large group of 'swans' from the A588 opposite Sand Villa I pulled in to a gateway to find 19 Bewick's Swans and 8 Whooper Swans, an excellent record for the former.

Pilling Marsh was pretty well deserted but I did see a Little Egret distantly in flight. From Backsands Lane a Ruff was with a miserable count of 9 Golden Plover and a 'good number' of Lapwing. From Fluke Hall Lane another Ruff found in the stubble field currently in excellent condition....well, excellent for birds. At Fluke Hall my day ended nicely with a male Stonechat for company through the windscreen whilst I had a 'cuppa'. 

And finally....

Striated Heron. Phil Slade

Another Egypt special with thanks to PS for allowing them on to Birds2blog.


JWBateman said...

Hi Pete.Sorry I could not make it but that wind was to cold & strong for me glad you some decent birds.
Did you watch that tv doc: called Broken Tail about Tigers what an endidment of our society.JWB

Pete Woodruff said...

Yes an excellent 'tour' in the car John. Will watch for 'Broken Tail' on the repeats channels John.

Look forward to Friday.