Wednesday, 9 February 2011

One or two bits!

A bit late this evening for posting and not having got any birding in today, nothing to report. However, you may have seen in my post on the Wheatear and my commenting the males will have already left their wintering quarters in Africa and that birds could be seen on the south coast by late February....a bit of an understatement if the report I got this afternoon can be found to be genuine when two Wheatears were seen today near Halton Lea Gate, Midgeholme, Cumbria.

Swallows. Cliff Raby

Well the Weatears in Cumbria may well be early but the sign of things to come like the Swallows above will need a little more time before we can witness this kind of amazing spectacle....Pretty impressive stuff Cliff and thanks a bundle for allowing them on to Birds2blog for us all to enjoy.

Blackpool Storm. Peter Guy.

So whats this got to do with birds then, obviously nothing it's just a brilliant piece of photography taken last week at Cleveleys with my thanks to PG.

And finally, I just watched David Attenborough's new three part series 'Madagascar'....if you missed it thats unfortunate and I strongly recommend you try to catch up with it if you can as it is excellent, and if you can receive it in HD....WOW!

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Warren Baker said...

Wheatears ! in cumbria ! How did they get past me without being seen :-)