Thursday, 17 February 2011

The climbdown....

....and some old records of interest.

The government have done a u-turn on the 'woodlands and forests issue' and there's nothing more needs to be said about that except....Alleluia. Lets hope the paperwork re the proposed sell off has been put down the toilet where it should have been. But first the traditional pic followed by another two excellent ones I couldn't resist....again!

Pintails. Brian Rafferty 

Another one of those 'pics with a difference' with thanks to BR. The drake shows off well the origins of its name. 

For some reason I couldn't summon up any enthusiasm for birding today, this is a worry and maybe perhaps I should consider psychiatric help. So I spent a positively idle morning raking through the 'old stuff' again with some interesting reminders including some which help to form my opinion about the old Dockacres Gravel Pits mentioned in yesterdays post when I hinted the preservation of an excellent wildlife reserve should have been the road taken instead of the plans to turn it into a fishing complex....Balls!

So I put a mere six Dockacres records up first from the dozens assembled over the years.

Red-crested Pochard 17 December 1994
Ruff 20 birds seen together 21 September 1994
Lesser Scaup 30 December 1994 
Snow Goose 4 March 1995
Yellow-legged Gull 20 March 1995
Pied-billed Grebe 28 May 1997

Red-breasted Merganser 50 seen together off Sandylands at Morecambe 21 January 1992....WOW!
Black Tern 40 together on Eric Morecambe flood 14 May 1992....WOW!
Great-crested Grebe 120 seen off Stone Jetty Morecambe 14 November 1992....WOW!
Smew drake on the River Lune off Golden Ball 21 December 1992 
Smew. Drake I found on Blea Tarn Reservoir 5 March 1993
Little Bittern Leighton Moss 30 April 1993
Curlew Sandpiper. 12 came down together in a fog on to the Allen Pool at Leighton Moss 29 August 1993
Little Bunting Fleetwood 16 January 1994....yes I do 'twitch' from time to time!
Kentish Plover Teal Bay 19 November 1994
Black Stork Quernmore 24 April 1995

And finally....

Water Rail. Cliff Raby  

One of the best Water Rail images I ever saw....a photographic opportunity well taken.

Snow Bunting. Ian Tallon.

Another photograph of the elusive Snow Bunting recently of Cockersands fame....Thanks for the pics CR/IT.


Phil said...

I must have caught it off you Pete, I couldn't be bothered today. I think its prespringitis, just waiting for things to pick up.

Warren Baker said...

Its the same for everyone Pete :-) we are all running on our last reserves of enthusiasm at this time of year!!

cliff said...

Thanks for the kind comment re. my Water rail pic Pete, it's a favourite of mine too, so much so I've had it as my PC desktop wallpaper for the last 12 months, flipped round through 180 degrees to accomodate various icons. It actually replaced a photo of wife & granddaughter, which didn't go down too well with either :-)

Interesting reading as always & I'm sure your birding mojo will soon be back.


Pete Woodruff said...

Its the JB/BT day tomorrow Phil/Warren, looking forward to that. And yes, this winter has seemed a long cold one to me and I'm really fed up with it, I think it's connected to my being nearly 90!!

The thanks are all mine Cliff, the Water Rail comment is a genuine one and the photograph is brilliant. Thanks for your kind remarks about the blog....much appreciated.

David Cookson said...

Pete you can sign a petition, at the Woodland Trust here's the link

Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. Hi from another couldn't be bothered today birder/photographer. I have been grafting on the computer most of the day. If you are not careful it can become a full time job !!!

Thanks for pintails and hope to catch up with you soon. Take care.