Wednesday, 23 February 2011


But first another interesting  - if sad and tragic - read about the ever suffering Hen Harrier

Kestrel Young. Phil Slade

I came across - well searched for them actually - some more excellent photographs amongst which I found these two young little beauties which will one day become....

Kestrel. Phil Slade

Two smart little raptors like this male Kestrel.

Sparrowhawk. Warren Baker

Now this bird with the staring eyes you wouldn't want staring at you if you was a small bird, was the very same individual photographed a few days later in the garden of a birder in Kent - whose website I follow daily - and which was observed to take out another bird regular to the feeders in the same garden which was a....

Sparrowhawk/Great-spotted Woodpecker. Warren Baker

Great-spotted Woodpecker....Not a nice sight but nature at its rawest and the price to pay by the bird for visiting the feeder, and the price to pay by us for putting out the feeders. 

And a couple of 'gulls' I'm not likely to misidentify if/when I come across them....

Iceland Gull. Colin Bushell.

Yet another smart bird, an adult Iceland Gull on the Isle of Islay where Colin visited this very month. Thanks for this Colin....nice one.

And finally....

Slender-billed Gull. Phil Slade

I think I'm going to know this bird if I ever find one. I missed a Slender-billed Gull in Norfolk for one day on 5 May 2000, I arrived at Cley the following day. Another one of PS's Egypt specials on his recent visit there....Excellent photographs as ever Phil and many thanks.


Warren Baker said...

I agree with you on the Slender billed gull Pete, not one to get confused with !

PS: still got two GS Woodies at the feeders, lets hope they don't end up as a second and third course :-(

Pete Woodruff said...

I've edited the post having remembered I missed a SBG by a day as noted in the edit.

Hope your GSW's have eyes in the back of their heads Warren.