Sunday, 13 January 2013

3B Birding!

Boots, Bins, and Buses.

With some 'other things' sorted and enough light left in the skies at 11.30am to last another few hours it was boots on, bin's round my neck, and I headed off to walk from Lancaster (Greyhound Bridge) to Glasson Dock once again on Friday.

Snow Bunting
Snow Bunting. David Cookson.

Not at all related to my day on Friday but a brilliant image of the Snow Bunting, with my sincere thanks to DC ....One found today (Sunday) on Plover Scar, Cockersands thanks to my reliable informant. 

And an hour later....

Lesser Snow Goose Alvan Buckley

A Lesser Snow Goose blue morph found SW of Cockerham.

But back to Friday....

I counted up to 12 Goosander upstream beyond Skerton Bridge on the River Lune before setting off downstream to count 15 Goldeneye to Marsh Point. I decided I had no time to walk down the path to check out Freeman's Pools but did see a female Sparrowhawk 'flap-flap-glide' across the pool. Along the embankment Aldcliffe Marsh was void of birds but held a 'lady' - note my politeness - complete with her charge of four unleashed mutts, who walked - they charged, excuse the pun - the entire length of the marsh, I just wish people with mutts wouldn't do this....note my politeness again. 

Redwing. Copy Permitted.

On the flood at Aldcliffe I counted 25 Redshank and a solitary Black-tailed Godwit feeding along the edges, and of note from here to Conder Green, 5 Little Egret, 18 Blackbird, a Song Thrush, 2 Redwing, 12 Goldfinch, 2 Robin, and as always in the winter months 'a thousand or two' Lapwing

It was a bit of a rush job today and by the time I reached Conder Green my bus back to Lancaster was on its way and I barely had the time to note 11 Little Grebe, the ratio being the same as Wednesday which was seven in the creeks and four on Conder Pool where I noted a Little Egret appearing to have settled for the night amongst a small group of Teal.    

Barn Owl Brian Rafferty 

And another unrelated to my birding today, a brilliant collage of the Barn Owl....Many thanks to BR.

And finally....There's a sad 'raptor' story with a good ending - though not good enough in my opinion - which  you might like read HERE 


Sharon Whitley said...

I love snowbuntings, have seen them very briefly on our walks, when Gary points them out to me, he's got eyes like a hawk that one! The lesser snow goose photo is gorgeous too, very sad story about the buzzards, glad the swine was caught but no doubt going on elsewhere in the country too! things like that do make my blood boil! Thank you again for the lovely comment on the pony painting, and not patronising at all!

Noushka said...

Well observed again!
Brian's Barn owls are always such a 'must'!
I have gone through your recent posts, nicely done, I like!
Enjoy your evening, Pete!

Findlay Wilde said...

A really nice mix of birds to see. Did you say anything to the mutt lady? From Findlay

Pete Woodruff said...

Sharon....Thanks for your mix of comments all appreciated. All good birders need to be hawked eyed.

Noushka....Thanks also for your kind comments.

Findlay....Thanks for looking in again. No, I avoid all confrontations/controversy unless absolutely unavoidable and necessary which is ocassionally.

Adam said...

nice goose

Christian said...

Hi Pete

Very nice selection of images and I'd love to see that many Goosander! Thank you for your lovely comment, recently. I appreciate it.

Pete Woodruff said...

Adam....Thanks again.

Christian....Comments I make to anyone on Birds2blog are always well earned.

Thanks to both for looking in and showing your interest, I appreciate it.