Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Squeeze!

I managed to squeeze in two hours yesterday between all the other needs for the day, but as it turned out I'd probably have headed off back home by lunch time as guess rained.

Conder Green didn't turn up anything you'd call a surprise but it was good to find the Common Sandpiper once again lurking in the hidden corners of the creeks, this bird often needs to be looked for, it is a small unobtrusive bird which blends in with the muddy banks and often flies off like a little rocket with its rapid wing beats. Also noted on the quiet Conder Pool, 3 Little Grebe, 16 Wigeon, and a pair of Tufted Duck, a Little Egret was seen on the marsh opposite the viewing platform before disappearing into a channel.

Lapwing Noushka Dufort

Give yourself a little counting test and take a glance at the picture of the Lapwings before you actually count them.

Having taken note of the numbers of waders on the Lune Estuary from the old railway bridge at Conder Green, I arrived at Glasson Dock to view from the bowling green where those birds are out of view round the bend in the river, I soon reckoned up to 10,000 waders present here today which included estimates - round figures again - of 7,000 Lapwing, 2,000 Golden Plover, 500 Dunlin, 30 Bar-tailed Godwit, and 3 Black-tailed Godwit. I also took note of 12 Goldeneye and 2 Little EgretOn the canal basin 5 Goldeneye and 2 Little Grebe were of note, and its raining now, in any case I needed to be back in Lancaster by 12.30pm.  

Albeit a dull and dreary morning it was good to escape routine for a couple of hours to look for and check out the birds of the Lune Estuary at Conder Green and Glasson Dock.

Now these two are an absolute must....

This photograph has to be amongst the top ten of 'pics with a difference' and is an out and out winner in my book....Brilliant.

Stonechat Sharon Whitley

And hey....this is Birds2blog, this is Pete Woodruff, and this is a picture of a Stonechat. But not just a picture, a painting, and here's that word again....Brilliant.

Thanks Noushka, Martin, and Sharon, you helped add some interest and put Birds2blog on the map again!


Martin Jump said...

Peter I was four out in the count,and a big thank you for showing my Jay image.

Pete Woodruff said...

Interesting you took up the little challenge to 'estimate' the Lapwings in the pic. Bird counts are another of my favourite subjects and some of them are - to be honest - not to be taken serious.

Your Jay image was certainly worth the waiting for Martin and I'm really chuffed you allow them on here.

Adam said...

great capture of the bird almost getting a snack

Sharon Whitley said...

That Jay photo is wonderful! Have been watching the rain through the office window over the last couple of days (back in work) really hope we don't have another wet and dreary year weatherwise - glad you like the stonechat painting, I hoped you would! Have a great week

Warren Baker said...

I guessed 29 Lapwing, but even counting them proper came up with two different totals :-(

Now where did I put my glasses :-)

Christian said...

25 was my guess, Pete. Never mind! I know what you mean, the weather is so dull and gloomy at the moment. I've not been out for ages. I had two weeks off recently and didn't go out once with the camera!

Pete Woodruff said...

Adam....Yes a brilliant image of the Jay.

Sharon....Stonechat painting....bloody hell!!

Warren....Not too big in the head to own up to your count then Warren.

Christian....Read as above to Warren, I hate 'big heads'.