Sunday, 27 January 2013

We Wildlife Lovers!

Other than the photographers/birders whose names and images I'm permitted to use on Birds2blog, I'll stick with the practice of not naming people on here as I think its the best policy, although in this case I reckon I'd have had no backlash in doing so. But please take a good look at this brilliant account to which have been added some 'My Take' comments which are equally brilliant, and one of which echoes one of my own....conservationists my arse

If you're regular on Birds2blog  - and I appreciate that very much - you'll know my opinions about the subject, and you'll see who its publisher is and what the issues are when you get THERE

And we can't have a post without some excellent photography being highlighted....

Cormorant David Cookson

Like this one of the Cormorant mentioned in the above which I hope you've read by now, and another of those brilliant 'pics with a difference' from DC with thanks and appreciation.

Buzzard Paul Foster

And another one mentioned in the above, the stunning Buzzard. How tragic that you arrived on this planet as a bird regarded as a problem and a pest by a few - but too many of them - idiots still living in the Dark Ages. Thanks PF, you're image is much appreciated. 

And finally, the non-bird picture....

Carneddau Ponies Gary Jones  

The Carneddau much harder can life be in the winter months in the UK, than that of these delightful creatures scrapping for food below the snow on the Welsh mountains. Thanks Gary, a brilliant image.

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