Sunday, 20 January 2013

Every little helps....

Any birding is good birding to me even if its only to be had in a little birding time....every little helps. 

KT and I went for a walk on Wednesday afternoon if only to get out of the house and into some fresh - if very cold - air....Is there such a thing as 'fresh air' in the pollution of the 21st century I ask myself!

Balancing Act
Jay David Cookson  

In the Hala Carr area of Lancaster 2 Jay were a surprise and a little unexpected. 

Siskin David Cookson 

Further down the road on the path behind Collingham Park up to 15 Siskin were excellent, and in the woodland around Lancaster University a good number of 'tits' seen as a flock included Coal Tit and Long-tailed Tit, also a Nuthatch was calling and eventually seen. One or two nice rewards for a short walk on a very cold, grey day in mid January....I love it. 

Ten Blackbird together in our small garden yesterday morning, also a bird on the Red List  the Song Thrush has visited us twice in two days, excellent records.

Long-tailed Tit Noushka Dufort

Thank you to David and Noushka for the brilliant images, they are much appreciated.

And, yes its Stonechats again....

Stonechat Gary Jones  

By previous arrangement GJ has sent me this brilliant 'record shot' of a Stonechat seen recently on one of his mountaineering ventures in Wales. Gary - and Sharon -  promised to let me have any records of the Stonechat they collected on their walks, obviously a man of his word and the record of this little beauty is most welcome....thanks once more Gary, star man.

On the subject of the Stonechat, many thanks for the comments made on Fridays post 'Not just one....but two' for my find of the Stonechats on Friday at Freeman's Pools they are much appreciated. 

By the way....

A comment seen elsewhere referred to Saturday 19 January at Freeman's Pools and read....'keeping an eye out for Stonechat today, seemed a good day for one'....Mmmmm!!

Anyone know why yesterday - as opposed to any other cold mid-winter day -  should have been a good day to find a Stonechat anywhere?    


Sharon Whitley said...

glad you like the stonechat pic Pete, he was flitting around us for a while, letting us know we were on his territory no doubt! I've been watching a flock of fieldfares which have congrugated in next doors garden and been there all day - have tried tempting them into my garden with apples but no luck yet! The blackbirds like them though!

Warren Baker said...

Hmmmmm.......looking at those photo's Pete it seems I still have something to learn :-)

PS two Songthrush in my garden today, unheard of!

Findlay Wilde said...

I haven't seen any more Stonechats since the pair at Frodsham Marsh, but I will of course tell you if I see any others. From Findlay

Adam said...

great birds

Richard Pegler said...

Sounds like a very pleasant walk Pete. Thank you for using the Nuthatch image. I'm very flattered that you thought it good enough.

Noushka said...

Very nice post, Pete, thanks for my photo of the Long-tailed tit!
Stonechats are still phantoms to me, when I see them noway can I get close or I don't have my camera!
They are so pretty!

Pete Woodruff said...


You won't expect me to reply individually but....Thanks anyway.