Friday, 16 April 2010

On Tour!

Black Grouse thanks to Brian Rafferty.

Had a most enjoyable tour with JB/BT today which started at Conder Green and ended at Langden in the Trough of Bowland where we certainly didn't see one of the birds in the pic above, but Brian Rafferty did on a recent trip he made about which you can read and find some more of his excellent images including the ones shown on A Grand Day Out ....thanks for the pic Brian.

On Conder Pool BT claims to have seen 2 Little Ringed Plover whilst I was looking at the other, also on the pool a Spotted Redshank, and the 3 Goldeneye still. On the Lune estuary at Glasson Dock the only birds of any note were c.400 Redshank and 35 Wigeon counted. It was from here we left for the hills and called in at Wellington Wood near Dolphinholme to hear 3 singing male Blackcap, and see 2 Great-spotted Woodpecker, at this point if you also visit the LDBWS website you should note that JB's records will not tally with mine as we separate often on our birding days as I go walkabout whilst John stakes out where we park often with good results.

At Stoops Bridge Abbeystead, a Nuthatch, 3 Goldfinch, 2 Mistle Thrush, and a Robin which flew off a nest low in a tree which contained three eggs, I must have walked past this bird on Tuesday when I visited here but it was either absent at the time or it remained on the nest whilst I passed by. As we drove past Marshaw Farm 12 Greylag were in a field here. A walk up the track behind Tower Lodge and the back of the plantation produced 2 Willow Warbler singing, a single Meadow Pipit and Dunnock, and a Buzzard over the distant fell, I also came across a dead Woodcock here the cause not at all obvious, it was next to a dead Pheasant. A short walk past the Langden intake to the pump-house was worth while if only to find a pair of Stonechat and hear a Willow Warbler in song.


Back down at the car park I did my level best to achieve some decent pics of the 20+ Redpoll  which included at least two Mealy Redpoll of which the pictures above are the best I could do. However, these birds were distinctly all a 'mealy' is for the purpose of ID as the pics illustrate and are untouched with any editing tools. Also noted whilst observing these birds, a Dipper and the odd - not very meaningful recording - Goldfinch. Once again my apologies for displaying the two pretty dismal photographs above which I was bound to have to show, that said I positively hate inferior photography....I'm waffling again!

I'm bound to end by stating that in an almost six hours birding today we saw not a solitary Swallow nor a Wheatear for that matter....puzzling if not worrying.



Phil said...

Good to have seen "the boys" on tour today looking so sprightly. Good thing you continued on and saw a few birds unlike me. Regards Phil

Pete Woodruff said...

Ahhhh well....KT says to me 'are you of with the Darby and Joan Club today' which is a double worry 'cos its a reference to the 'old' brigade and which ones the Joan I ask myself.

Good to see you again Phil.

Richard Shilling said...

Where's Wellington Wood? I was sat in a wood in Dolphinholme on Wednesday watching a pair of woodpeckers. I wonder if it was the same place? It was the wood on the left of this map


Pete Woodruff said...

Sounds like you were in Wellington Wood Richard, out of Dolphinholme up Starbank, the road eventually comes out at Five Lane Ends. The wood is easily identified because it was used as storage place of sorts during the war and has the remains of several brick buildings. A good place for several bird species including a Lesser-spotted Woodpecker which nobody has yet found!