Monday, 19 April 2010

Just A Couple!


Thats just a couple of hours birding for me and a just a couple of pics from my Internet friend Paul Baker in BC Canada who's first image is of the Long-billed Dowitcher in summer plumage which I would claim nobody has seen in the UK, but I'm now waiting for someone to tell me I'm out of order in making the claim.

Well I was initially beaten by the weather again today and with a task to perform at 9.30 the plan was to give the Conder Green/Cockersands area a going over but that changed when by 10.00 it was you know what'ing down, but it cleared up in time for me to get a couple of hours in before another task to perform at 3.00pm. So it was all a bit of a non-event really but good to get out for a while and check out the birds.

At Conder Green a Spotted Redshank has almost transformed into its black summer plumage and was on the pool with a Common Sandpiper, Little Grebe, and 3 Goldeneye still, the Kestrel which is always around here lately was busy hunting for a meal, and 2 Greenshank were in the channel. By the time I had done a circuit here I just had time to look over Glasson Marsh where a Little Egret was noted as were an estimated 180 Meadow Pipits lingering here, along with good numbers of Swallows through and a 'few' Sand Martins. I appreciate 'good numbers' and 'a few' don't really add to the recording picture but there you go, we do have our shortcomings now and again....well I do, don't you? 


Paul's second image is of the House Finch which hopefully brings a short post to an interesting end even though this particular bird could never be called exotic, but unless you're planning a trip across the pond sometime in the future you're not likely to ever see this bird other than in a photograph like this....Thanks for these Paul they are much appreciated.

This afternoon 237 White Wagtails were reported on Hesketh Out Marsh....WOW!! 

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