Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Another Shortie!

No not a Short - eared Owl but a short birding day lasting four hours but that was the deal, a change of days with JB/BT from Friday to Tuesday and home for 3.00pm said the man....I don't ask questions!

It was a repeat of last Friday when we first visited Conder Green - you should always visit Conder Green first if in the area - where I noted on a quiet Conder Pool, a Greenshank, Little Grebe - which I'm rapidly becoming convinced is the last one remaining here - 3 Goldeneye, and 2 Wigeon, the most interesting bird by far on here this morning was a single Dunlin, birds absent/elsewhere Spotted Redshank and LRP. 

So now we're off to the hills and call in at Stoops Bridge at Abbeystead which JB refers to as Doeholme and in fact the road is called Doeholme Rake and Doeholme Farm is about a mile up this road. I noted 2 Chiffchaff, a Nuthatch, heard Blackcap and Song Thrush, and the Robin which flew of the nest on Friday as we walked past the tree leaving behind three eggs now has five but a vow was made not to walk this way again in favour of protecting the birds welfare thereby honouring that part of the Birdwatchers Code....I may sound like I'm waffling again here....but this disturbance lark - excuse the pun - is serious stuff.

En-route to Langden I counted up to 200 Curlew in a field, counted 18 Greylag at Marshaw where I heard the only Willow Warbler in the entire four hours. At Langden Redpoll seen again but no attempt made at either counting nor establishing races, the Stonechat pair were again at the pump-house, a Common Sandpiper was on Langden Brook as was a pair of Mallard with 14 ducklings - I've always thought 12 was the limit of the Mallard - and 2 Greenfinch which are always to be noted.

So....a routine four hours today but any birding is good birding in my book. Thanks to Mark Fellowes for the excellent image of the in flight Goldeneye.

And thanks also to Katie Fuller for this lovely image of the Blackthorn blossom as a timely reminder that it really is spring, a pleasure to the eye....Thanks Katie.


Warren Baker said...

ive had a Mallard with 16 ducklings Pete. ooops now ive started something :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

Yes you certainly have started something Warren, but I just quoted from a top of the range bird ID reference book and this shows how reliable they can be at times doesn't it.

A family of sixteen all at once....WOW!!

Phil said...

You very nearly got me going there Peter with that title. Any day now you (or me) will hit the jackpot but I'm not betting on CG cos its so quiet.

Pete Woodruff said...

I just keep trying/looking Phil, don't do birding with my eyes half open and leave few - if any - stones unturned.

Hoping to find/see a few migrants tomorrow, if I don't I'll cringe at 'doing' the blog in the evening.