Sunday, 4 April 2010

Picture Gallery.

Definitely no birding for me until Tuesday. I know there are some people out there who find this difficult to believe  - including me at times - but there are other things in life.

But I never need to hesitate to load one or two excellent pics on to the blog to keep the engine ticking over and the first one this time is the image above of the contents of a Barn Owl pellet collected, dissected, and photographed by David Cookson, and whilst it is totally unacceptable for me to 'steal' David's entire post on the subject you can see what he has to say about this experience here 

Next up is this super image of the Cettis Warbler which Mark Fellowes captured at Radipole in Dorset. As ever I would like to think you'll take a look from time to time at Marks excellent blog and accompanying photographs though I do know he is taking time out at the moment but will be back soon, his link is in my sidebar on the left.


I appreciate I qualify for comments on my overuse of the word 'excellent' when describing the photography posted on Birds2blog but it's so unavoidable and here's another excellent image of the Curlew back on territory in the Forest of Bowland and captured by Brian Rafferty on one of his recent visits there.


Well here I am again with another offering of an excellent image, this one of the Greenshank at Conder Green was taken by Stuart Piner and whilst I'm not prepared to make what would sound like patronising comments about people on my blog, as a birder Stuart ranks amongst a few I know who's birding skills I admire and try very hard to emulate.

Many thanks to DC/MF/BR and SP for letting me show these images on Birds2blog. I take note of a Little Ringed Plover at Conder Green today, it will be really interesting to see if it stays and more so to breed.  

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