Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Really Strugglin' Now!

Well as a birding blog this really is struggling and I'm afraid is an uninspiring post if ever there was one. But the truth is I had the now customary couple of hours to 'kill' in Morecambe and did - as ever - remember to string my binoculars round my neck but as it turned out was a complete waste of time....but I did try my best and did have my camera in my pocket. 

What a difference a day makes - as the song goes - and although the wind remains an issue with the weather and was quite a chilly one again today the sun shone and was quite pleasant sheltered from the wind, obviously the schools are still on the Easter break and look....people are on the beach and the kids building sandcastles.


Nothing spectacular here in this pic but I did like the look of the clouds against the sky, and did check out the 'gulls' before I took it and there was a lot more than is shown in the picture here.

Oh I'm doing ads for the RNLI, well not a bad gesture and I did like this photograph at the lifeboat station of four of the volunteers of this admirable group of dedicated people who risk life and limb on many occasions to rescue poor souls in distress on the high seas. You probably can't read the poster which says....We rely on voluntary donations and legacies. Please help us to continue to rescue 22 people every day, call us on 0800 543 210 or visit our website HERE   

Back with some serious birding tomorrow primarily to check out the Stonechat situation on Harrisend and Hawthornthwaite....but the weather needs to be suitable for this so here's hoping.  

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