Monday, 5 April 2010


If you would like a few minutes of interest and excitement then you should definitely follow the link below to read about and follow the fascinating movements of the truly magnificent Osprey named Red 8T at the start and during it's amazing migration route from its wintering site and be brought right up to date with some astonishing 21st century technology.

This Osprey - not Red 8T - accompanied by a Black-headed Gull was over Stocks Reservoir in the Forest of Bowland this very day - Monday 5 April 2010 - and was watched and photographed by Mike Watson....Thanks for this Mike.

After you have clicked on the link below can I advise you to scroll to the bottom of the page to begin this amazing journey which started on 22 March and be brought up to date....stand by to be blown out of your seat!

Osprey....An amazing journey.


North Lancs Ringing Group said...

Confused?! Re-todays sighting, has it come back south again? Just in the middle of writing this up for the NLRG site when had a look at your site after a 'tip-off'!

Pete Woodruff said...

Has what come back south again Red 8T or the Stocks bird?

Hope you don't just visit Birds2blog after tip-offs!

North Lancs Ringing Group said...

Thought you were referring to Red 8T with the Stocks posting, following on from previous paragraph. My misinterpretation of the English

Spent quite a long time on your site today extracting Lune Estuary records!

Pete Woodruff said...

OK....pleased you/we were able to clear this up and many thanks for visiting Birds2blog to extract records for the Lune Estuary.

You won't mind my suggesting how easy this must be for you as I always highlight the birds which means you don't even have to read the blog to extract the records.

So the blog does have a purpose after all!

Warren Baker said...

Just read the Osprey saga pete. truly amazing. Missed my patch as it came over england though!

Brian Rafferty said...

Pete . A great journey and in such detail..there's certainly no hiding place these days with all this technology about !!

Thanks Pete and take care.

Pete Woodruff said...

Truly amazing....As you will see - if you haven't already done so - this creature is now back on its breeding grounds after the epic journey during which it actually roosted in the desert on two occasions....Bloody WOW!

Thanks WB/BR.

North Lancs Ringing Group said...

Note Morven's epic trans-Biscay journey - this Osprey likes crossing the sea and flying in the dark - on Monday. Roosted at Kirkby Lonsdale last night

Pete Woodruff said...

Thanks for the pointer to Morven which I haven't looked up yet but will be doing so when time allows me.

I'm intrigued as to why your name is Mr/Mrs/Miss NLRG!!....mines Pete Woodruff by the way and your contributions are always welcome on Birds2blog.