Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Filling the holes!

Crested Lark thanks to Colin Bushell.

There may well be quite a few 'holes' to fill on Birds2blog during the coming day's as some unplanned disruption to my birding kicks in. However, its never really too difficult to find some interesting material to fill the gaps and above is just one example, that of Colin Bushell's latest trip abroad was to Lesvos in April, and the brilliant image of the Crested Lark, and....

       White-winged Terns thanks to Colin Bushell.

....the White-winged Terns are photographic evidence of the success of this trip. You should take a look at Colin's website Ribble to Amazon and keep up to date on this exciting trip he made recently along with many others in the past both abroad and much closer to home....Thanks for the images Colin, and by the way the article below may well interest you.

I note one of my latest unique visitor's to Birds2blog has added the 50th country to do so and is that of I don't know where it is either and if I can be excused my ignorance have never heard of the place, so there now follows a short geography/history lesson and if you don't like the sound of that on a birding blog it's goodbye to you but please come back soon! 

Suriname has an estimated population of 481,267 and is located in Northern South America bordering with the North Atlantic Ocean between French Guiana and Guyana. It was first explored by the Spaniards and then settled by the English in the mid-17th century, Suriname became a Dutch colony in 1667.

With the abolition of slavery in 1863, workers were brought in from India and Java. Independence from the Netherlands was granted in 1975. Five years later the civilian government was replaced by a military regime that soon declare a Socialist Republic which continued to exert control through a succession of nominally civilian admins until 1987 when international pressure forced a democratic election. In 1990 the military overthrew the civilian leadership, but a democratically elected government returned to power a year later in 1991 and has ruled there since.

Learn something every day on Birds2blog!!


Warren Baker said...

Not as good a day as yesterday then Pete :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

Not looking all that good for my life as a birder for a day or two actually Warren....Oh dear!