Monday, 3 May 2010

Variation's without a theme.

Well if you follow Birds2blog you'll know by now that I don't/can't get out to do the thing I love the best at weekends which in this case includes a so called bank holiday, but I'll tell you what, I have some excellent images in my library at the moment some of which I have been sent without request by some great guys I have got to know through my love for birding....hows that for friendship. The images here - with the exception of Paul Baker who can be found on Flickr - can all be seen on their respective authors blogs which I would ask you to look at from time to time and are strongly recommended, they can be linked to via my side bar.

If we start with this smart little thing - and you're anything like me - you won't have a clue as to what this bird is and won't ever have heard of it. This is the Bewick's Wren and I'd like to cover Thomas Bewick sometime on the blog but for now this little creature was given its name in honour of Bewick by John James Audubon who is remembered as the father of American ornithology....thanks for the pic goes to Paul Baker over there in BC Canada.

Gary Jones lives in Preston and apart from some excellent images on his blog Gary is both a wildlife photographer and keen mountaineer. I've shown some of Gary's images including the Sand Martin's before, this is a brilliant flight shot in my opinion....Thanks for this Gary.

Mark Fellowes has some excellent images on his website, please take a look sometime. The last time I visited Mark's site this stunning macro image of a 'fly' was unidentified but if that's not the case now I shall edit the post to correct this. A superb diversion from birds and thanks for that Mark.

It's a while since I showcased some work by Richard Shilling as another diversion from the birds so I'd like to put that right with a couple of his latest landart creations this one he calls 'Red Green Laurels'....

....and this one 'May Day Colour Totem'.

When it comes to having a creative mind Richard leaves me out in the cold and the more you look at and study his work the more creativity and hard work you appreciate goes into the making. Keep up the good work Richard for goodness sake!

Birding tomorrow....hopefully.


kirstallcreatures said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the reference to Richard Shilling's work. As a result of your post Ive just had a look at his website and his work is wonderful. Linda

Pete Woodruff said...

Richard will be well please Linda and I certainly am. His art is definitely wonderful as you rightly say.

Many thanks for looking on on Birds2blog once again I really do appreciate that Linda.