Monday, 17 May 2010

Nothing Riveting....

....but all birding is good birding.

Cattle Egret. Phil Slade.

But's one of what I expect will be many excellent images we will be seeing soon from Fylde birder/ringer PS who has just returned from his holidays. PS was one of three Fylde birders I 'bumped into' today, a pretty decent trio to say the least and always something of interest to say, good to see you guy's. You can keep up to date with PS's birding/ringing/photographs HERE and when you do his header pic smacks you in the eye nicely. 

Of the few notables seen in my four hour slot today, I had to search from the west end of Conder Pool again to eventually find one of the Little Ringed Plovers lurking at the back side, but that added interest to my birding as it wouldn't be the same if they all stood in a line until you'd written them down in your book before jumping back into the car for the next would it!  Another bird I'd rather not have seen on Conder Pool was the unforgiving Grey Heron which was in it's 'frozen' mode staring at the LRP as it quietly stabbed at the ground for food. Other than the summering drake Wigeon there was positively nothing else of note on the pool today but a Lesser Whitethroat near the old iron railway bridge was good, along with a Whitethroat seen moments earlier. Also noted had to be 2 Greenfinch rapidly becoming a rarity, a male Reed Bunting, a Wren always good to hear since our severe winter, and the 'local' Kestrel, it was also good to see 4 House Martins had arrived and were taking an interest in the eaves of River Wind's.

At Cockersands where I had 'missed' some good numbers - according to 'SP of the Fylde' - because of the state of the tide by the time I got there, I noted at least 7 Sedge Warblers from the road to the lighthouse from Bank Houses, also 3 Wheatear are still in the rolled soil  field, and 2 Skylarks were also of note.

At 7.48pm my RBA pager alerted me to a summer plumage Spotted Sandpiper at Stocks Reservoir....may be the cause of some burning rubber!

And finally....

The Pacific-slope Flycatcher, an image from my friend Paul Baker over there in BC Canada. Wouldn't mind coming across one of these little beauties at Tower Lodge maybe sometime....Thanks for the pic Paul.

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