Sunday, 23 May 2010

Time for a laugh!

Well there's always time for a laugh, and the two following signs certainly gave me one, though I reckon the second may have already had an airing on Birds2blog but well worth another look I think. Incidentally both have a birding connection though not at all obvious ones....

I was asked in a recent e-mail who I thought might be responsible for this 'howler'. Obvious where it was taken though if you're not local you won't see the error or the funny side but is definitely not Condor Green. Not exactly hilarious perhaps but spellings like this don't really enhance your intelligence especially if it's going to be in the full glare of the world. By the way, I make spelling mistakes....don't you?

This one I saw years ago on Newby Moor the birthplace of my passion for the Stonechat may moons ago. I've heard of old cars being referred to as 'old bangers' but this must be explosive cycling.

Hopefully a couple of hours or so tomorrow looking for something with a little more interest than these two signs.

1 comment:

Phil said...

Nice ones there Peter. I think there is a whole new blog waiting to be born for misspellings. A favourite one I saw until quite recently in a shop window was "dogs not aloud".