Sunday, 16 May 2010

OK.... this is getting silly.

Midland Hotel Morecambe. Pete Woodruff.

This Woodruff bloke is supposed to be running a bird/birding blog, he doesn't get out birding at weekends and usually fills the gaps in his blog with some excellent photography or interesting 'blasts from the past' and such-like bird connected things but this time it's photographs of Morecambe for goodness sake....Ahhhh well!

The pic above is a rear view of the now impressive Midland Hotel which is quite a smart place from the outside and once you get inside is even smarter. However, I speak not from experience but would suggest quite a loaded wallet would be required to purchase Sunday Lunch and a couple of drinks in this place, but if a loaded wallet isn't a problem for you I'd suggest giving it a go to try it out.

Midland Hotel. Pete Woodruff.

Another view of the Midland Hotel, this from the Stone Jetty. I think if anyone still wants to throw in the argument that Morecambe isn't trying to keep up to date with the resort in order to compete with others, a walk down the promenade from the Battery Hotel to Teal Bay may help to change your mind.

Well I threw this one in just because I liked the colours and am always attracted to red, apart from which a walk down the jetty is always a good idea birding wise. Talking of birds I can end on the subject with this post because I'm probably going to have to search out a decent new - well second hand - motor and whilst looking through some this afternoon at one of the garage's on White Lund I heard the voice of  Lesser Whitethroat in the bushes at the rear of the it is a birding blog after all! 

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