Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Yellow, Blue & Burnet.

Yellow Wagtail. Katie Fuller.

Thanks to Katie Fuller for this collage of the Yellow Wagtail which she explains where it was seen and how she captured the image on her blog HERE and in both cases you will find very interesting in particular where it was seen especially if your interest in birds is based in North Lancashire where you'll be fortunate if you see one at all this or any other year. Thanks again for the images Katie.

Mountain Bluebird. David Baker.

And how about this for a little gem. There are three species of the colourful North American Mountain Bluebird, eastern, western, and this one which inhabits much of western North America, often at an elevation of over 7,000 feet. They eat small fruits and hunt insects, spiders, and other creatures from above, they have four or five eggs and when hatched the young are fed by both parent birds. A rather interesting fact about this bird is that a young bird from a first brood will sometimes remain in the nest to assist its parents in caring for the second brood.

The Bluebird is considered a common species but numbers have declined substantially over the last century, but populations are thought to have been given a boost by birdhouse boxes which have become popular in parks and backyards.    

Burnet Companion. Warren Baker.

The moth is by kind permission of Warren down there in the Garden of England in Kent and is one of a few day-flying moths which gets its name from the fact it is often found in the company of Burnet Moths. It is relatively common in the southern half of Britain but becomes scarcer further north. It inhabits open woodland and pastures the larvae of which feed on clover. Thanks for the photograph Warren it is much appreciated.  


Warren Baker said...

I like those Bluebirds pete!

Help yourself to photo's anytime.

Pete Woodruff said...

Yes smart aren't they and this namesake of yours (Paul Baker and son David) is a prolific photographer and hardly ever a day goes by without he's taken something new.

Thanks re photo's Warren.