Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Aldcliffe Wander.

Yellow Warbler. Paul Baker.

Could'nt resist kicking off with this little cracker, the Yellow Warbler, an image from Paul Baker over there in BC Canada.

An engagement I had this afternoon was called off but not until I had arrived on the scene to carry it out....I wasn't at all pleased, people who are so much disorganised that they can't find themselves to let others know whats going on - especially if I'm involved causing me to be on the receiving end of  their inconsiderate attitude - makes me sick to be honest.

So at 2.00pm - in desperation to get a little birding in - I went to do a circuit of Aldcliffe and on to Stodday which took me 2.5 hours. The trees and bushes are completely leaved now and the birds are in the main silently busy breeding which makes them so much more difficult to find and observe, but I managed to see a Whitethroat and hear 2 Lesser Whithroat. At Freeman's Pools I just managed to see the Little Ringed Plover as it went out of view at the east end of the island, and I heard a Sedge Warbler briefly from the embankment. I watched at least 8 House Martins collecting mud from the banks of the River Lune as I had here on 22 April and taking it to their nest site at a house up to 1/4 mile away....the energy of these birds amazes me.

In this 2.5 hours I saw just a couple of Peacock and Speckled Wood, and a Small Tortoiseshell  posing the question....where are all our butterflies?


....another of Paul Bakers little gems, this one the White-crowned Sparrow. Thanks for these two images Paul, cracking birds, cracking photography.

Up to 30 Swift high over Bowerham in Lancaster as I end this post.

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Warren Baker said...

Butterflies on my patch are becoming less often seen now, than they were earlier in the year.