Sunday, 27 June 2010

Filling the gap....again!

Curlew. Brian Rafferty.

Filling the gap on Birds2blog gives me the opportunity to plug a couple of excellent blogs I follow religiously, that of Brian Rafferty who produces some stunning photographs, and Mike Watson who visits some exotic places around the world and draws up some fully comprehensive accounts accompanied by images of birds people like me can only dream of seeing.

Ring Ouzel. Brian Rafferty.

BR's most recent trip was to the Northern Pennines, and the photograph at the top is of the Curlew chick, and the one above of a juvenile Ring Ouzel, incidentally I found nine of these little beauties one summers day at the top of Cross of Greet, one of my greater birding moments. Brian puts a lot of effort into achieving his goal of excellent images of  birds and other wildlife and I strongly recommend you take a look at his website HERE 

Newell's Shearwater. Mike Watson.

Mikes most recent trip was to Hawaii and I've read his account of this truly fascinating birding/wildlife experience whilst - I have no hesitation of confessing - progressively turning green with envy. It reads like a book and is almost as long as one and is accompanied by some stunning photographs of some equally stunning birds none of which I can ever hope to see.

Pacific Golden Plover. Mike Watson.

The top image of Mikes is of the Newell's Shearwater about which he adds some interesting words in the account of his visit to Hawaii, and below the Pacific Golden Plover which in fact - if ever my luck is in one day - I could actually see in the UK, so here's hoping. Take my word for it a visit HERE is definitely worth your it now!

Thanks once more to Brian and Mike for allowing me to use their photographs. 


Brian Rafferty said...

Pete. Thanks for letting me help you
" Fill the gap ". Looks like we may get some rain this week,very much needeed and will hopefully liven up the birding scene !!

Thanks again for the kind words. Take care and keep in touch.

Pete Woodruff said...

My pleasure Brian and hopefully everyone else's who visit Birds2blog. It's a great way to fill the pages/gaps during my absence from birding and one I never thought of but just happened to fall in place.