Sunday, 13 June 2010

Quickie Filler!

Eider. Stuart Piner.

Well the Eider photograph is very appropriate for today's quick and short filler and in my view is a very good photograph of the species which are nearly always in the water when ever I come across them, so its good to see them just about on dry land if heading to the sea which is where they always appear to be at their best....Thanks for the pic Stuart.

The reason why they are so appropriate for the post is because not only did I count 46 Eider today on Glasson Marsh off Bodie Hill at high tide but an excellent inclusion was that of five ducklings with one of the females. My brief birding 'spell' today also produced an excellent Greenshank at Conder Green, I also saw this bird here on Monday 7 June....good grief is the return passage underway already or has this bird been nowhere to return from!

And the excellent pic of a female Emperor Dragonfly is thanks to Katie Fuller who hails from Cambridgeshire and who takes some pretty cool pics. Please take a look at Katies blog which can be found HERE.

Hoping to get a couple of hours 'local' birding in tomorrow. 

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