Saturday, 19 June 2010

A Piece of the Action.

Well three pieces actually.

Long-eared Owl. Brian Rafferty.

Another one of those irresistible Brian Rafferty Long-eared Owl shots showing to perfection the action of this bird diving to ground at prey, whether or not the bird scored on this attempt I wouldn't know but these birds make plunges like this many times without success, a hard life when the table isn't set every time you're feeling hungry or have a family to feed. BR's website is HERE please take a look.  A brilliant image as ever Brian and many thanks.

Osprey. Gary Jones.

A long distance shot of the Osprey coming in to land at the nest site in the Lakes. Opportunities for this level of photographic success don't come very often but Gary took advantage of this location at Bassenthwaite where facilities are in place to view these magnificent birds. Gary's website is HERE and well worth a look to see his wildlife and wanderings on the mountains. Thanks for the pic Gary which helps to fill the gaps on Birds2blog between my birding day's.

House Martin. Stuart Piner.

This is as good a photograph of the House Martin in flight as I've seen in many a year. I'd hazard a guess the bird had just taken off having taken a bath as the water droplets appear to be flying left, right, and centre. A pretty cool pic Stuart and many thanks for letting me show it here on the blog.

I'd sooner be birding....but unfortunately won't be until Monday at the earliest.


Gary Jones said...

Hi Pete, thanks again for featuring my pictures, nice to see them on the site, it is indeed a great place to see these magnificent birds, well worth a visit.

Pete Woodruff said...

My pleasure Gary, your pics (and others) help to keep the blog not just alive but interesting too.